Services and events

                 Services are held each Sunday morning at 11am at the Church

                            THERE WILL BE NO SERVICE AT UCF ON SUNDAY 22nd MAY 
     "The Lord Almighty says:

     'Give careful thought to your ways'.                                     Haggie     1:7

     'Give Me your heart and let your eyes keep to My ways" Proverbs 23:26

There is such infinite wisdom in God's Word. How often do we stop and think about our "ways".  God's counsel is to consider our ways and for our eyes to observe His ways.We do not always fix our eyes on his ways in our own lives.  To do that we need to know what his Word says.  Do we ever consider if 'my ways' are pleasing to the Lord or just ourselves. Jesus' words to his disciples, just before He left them were 'to make disciples, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.'  He had previously told them "If anyone loves Me, he will obey my teaching.'  'Give careful thought to your ways.'

                                            PRAYER FOR THE UKRAINE AND RUSSIA
Holy and Gracious God.
We pray for the people of the Ukraine and Russia, for their countries and their leaders.
We pray for all those who are afraid, that your arms will hold them in this time of great fear.

 We ask Lord that you lift up peacemakers on all sides that this violence will end. Give diplomats wisdom and understanding and build trust. Bring all the leaders of the world together to support the innocent people, both Russian and Ukrainian. We pray that many will turn to you O Lord in their distress "Praise be to the Lord, for he has shown his wonderful love to me when I was in a besieged city. In my alarm I said "I am cut off from your sight!". Yet you heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help"" (Psalm 31: 21-22)
Lord we lift the situation up to you. May your Kingdom come.
In the name of Jesus.

Throughout March we have studied the many Scriptures related to the certainty that Jesus will return. We looked at several aspects of that promised return and how they affect believers and non-believers. We learned that no one will escape those days and all will answer to the Lord for how we have lived our lives.  The overwhelming message for believers in Jesus is to be ready.  The future  is one of unimaginable hope and blessing. "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. (Corinithians 2:9.) The prospect for unbelievers is unthinkable.

                                              NEW ALL AGE SERVICES at 4pm  (Followed by afternoon tea)
                                              Sunday  8th May - 12th June - 10th July

The monthly gift for May was for Devon Christian Youth Camps


Sunday 1st May
11am Morning Service
Led by I.Manning
Speaker:Mr S.Oliver

Tuesday 3rd May
10.30am-12 midday
Cake, Coffee and Chat at Church

Sunday 8th May
11am Morning Service With Communion
Led by D.Hillman
Speaker: Mr J. Allen

4pm  All-Age Service
Led by R.Sampson       
          Followed by afternoon tea

Tuesday 10th May
11am Bible Study via zoom
With Communion

Sunday 15th May

11am, Morning Service

Led by L. Crofts

Speaker: Mr M Burd

6.30pm. C of Good Shepherd

Joint service at UCF

Tuesday17th May
11am Bible Study 
via zoom


Sunday 22nd May

There is no service at UCF

11am Rogation Service at Brightley


For further information please

email us and details will be provided

Sunday 29th May

11am Morning Family Service

Led by M. Burgess

Please bring your own contribution

Tuesday 31st May
Bible Study via Zoom
Bible Studies

In our studies, we all share equally in reading the chosen passage of Scripture and discussing what it means in its historic setting as well as its relevance to us as 21st Century believers in Jesus.


We are continually amazed at the richness of God's Word and how it relates to our situation.​

You can see what we are currently studying and learn more on our Bible Groups page here.

Coffee with Macaroons
Coffee, Cake and Chat At Church


​10.30am-12 midday

The first Tuesday of every month  

Come and enjoy tea/coffee and cake and join us for an

informal chat, meet new people, exchange news and ideas.


Jesus told his disciples to remember Him and his sacrifice every time they shared bread and wine together.

We do as He told them on the second and fourth Sundays of each month, as an integral part of our Morning Service.

All who love the Lord Jesus and know Him as Saviour are welcome to join us in this simple meal.


Please get in touch to register your interest.