Anyone wishing to join us, please contact us via email - -  and a link will be sent to you 5 minutes before the meeting begins. Joining a meeting is so easy, just one click on the invite and you're there. These meetings have proved to be exceptionally beneficial to us all in studying God's Word.

We have completed the study on James, a very powerful and thought-provoking book. Now we return to Exodus, beginning at Chapter 20. The Ten Commandments. So far we have learnt that God is so loving, gracious, faithful and - importantly - most powerful.

In Bible Study we continue with Exodus, and have reached the point where God's specific instructions He gave to Moses are to be carried out  right down to the minute detail. His people had to build the Ark (the holiest of holy places), the Tabernacle the Altar,  and the Courtyard with all the elaborate furnishings that God had provided. The best craftsmen and women were employed

to complete this undertaking.

Coffee with Macaroons
Coffee, Cake and Chat 
First Tuesday of the month.
Held in the church, 10.30 am - 12 noon


Come and join us for tea/coffee, cake and enjoy meeting up with each other for a chat and catch up. Exchange snippets of news and ideas.