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BIBLE GROUP from 14th MARCH will be held at church

These meetings have proved to be exceptionally beneficial to us all in studying God's Word.

We are currently studying Mark's Gospel.

Mark's Gospel is probably the first to have been written and may be based on Peter's experiences as a disciple of Jesus. The writer is concerned primarily with the activity of Jesus rather than his teaching. He records many things that Jesus did, his style being punchy and to the point. The book reads rather like today's newspapers. Mark emphasises the miracles of Jesus, presenting the Saviour-King. The fast pace continuously moves the reader on through the amazing life story of this rabbi from Nazareth.

Coffee with Macaroons
Coffee, Cake and Chat 
First Tuesday of the month.
Held in the church, 10.30 am - 12 noon


Come and join us for tea/coffee, cake and enjoy meeting up with each other for a chat and catch up. Exchange snippets of news and ideas.


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